I promised you that making Egyptian goulash would be easy. It's a must try, and one of my go-to dishes if I'm hosting a dinner. Here are some tips that will help: Egyptian goulash is a great dish to have for dinner parties because you can cook the meat filling a few days before and keep it in the fridge. I'm Amina, a wife and busy mother of two. ★☆ Goulash is easy to prepare especially if you have already meat stock ready. Phyllo Meat Pie (Egyptian Goulash) Today, it’s a treat straight from my mother’s kitchen: phyllo meat pie recipe (aka Egyptian goulash). Heat a little more oil in the pan and seal the diced veal. It smelled amazing while cooking! I know you're also wondering: "can I freeze this meat pie?". For the ground beef filling: Note1 ▢ Make the meat filling by cooking the diced onion first with a bit of olive oil until … We loved it so much! A New Zealand meat pie is a hand-sized meat pie containing diced or minced meat and gravy, sometimes with onion, mushrooms, or cheese and often consumed as a takeaway food snack. Phyllo pastry can be found ready made at most grocery stores and it's easy to work with. Add your onions, scotch bonnet and let it cook for 122 minutes. Hope you enjoy your stay - and please - have a look around and get in touch! The meat pie is considered iconic in Australia and New Zealand. Steps to make Meat pie: Fillings;place the meat in pot add salt maggi cubes onion and allow it to cook for 20min add more onions grinded scotch bonnet, oil and fry it well. Serve with rice, noodles, or potatoes. When you want to eat it, thaw it at room temperature then pop it in the oven until it's heated through and crisps up again. Prep time is approximately 15 minutes and cooking time takes 15 minutes over medium high heat on the stove top. 1.5 pound lean ground beef. Ground beef phyllo pie (Egyptian Goulash) is a welcomed recipe on any party. Do this by going over them a few times, Add the meat and brown it until the liquid dissolves, about 10 minutes. That's why it's important to ensure your cuts are deep and have penetrated all the layers. I'm here to help you figure out dinner for your family with my easy, quick, and Middle Eastern inspired recipes. Heat the oil and add the chopped chilli. You just need to make sure you purchase your phyllo pastry ahead of time. Mediterranean Chicken And Vegetables For Dinner, Crustless Quiche Recipe With Salmon And Eggs, Healthy Lemon And Blueberry Baked Oatmeal. You don't need to heat it when you're using it as it will heat up in the oven. This dish looks like a show stopper! Knead the dough and make a circle shape place the meat at the center and pold it.Place the oil and fry the pie…. Alternatively, cover and cook it on the hob on a … https://www.marieclaire.co.uk/life/food-drink/beef-goulash-pies-213519 Add all the spices and mix well, then set aside, You can use a few more phyllo sheets on the top and bottom of the pie, it doesn't have to be exactly 10, Adjust the meat filling layer thickness to your preference! Our first time making something like this. Add flour over meat and brown until golden. I will be making this again. You can make it thinner so you end up with more dough, You can also use a larger pan size than the one I used and spread the meat out more, You can make this ahead of time and freeze it as well - check the make ahead section in the post. It's typically frozen and comes in a pack with at least 15-20 sheets. This Egyptian Goulash is an easy meat pie recipe that looks so impressive on your table but takes little time to put together. ▢ 1/2 teaspoon ground black pepper or to taste. 1 table spoon olive oil. ▢ Saute beef until browned, season with paprika ... and simmer until potatoes are tender, about 20 minutes. Your email address will not be published. In the same way that shepherd’s pie got its name, traditional Hungarian goulash became associated with herdsmen’s dinners and the name just sort of … Thank you, Amina! 1 teaspoon salt or to taste. The kitchen smelled so amazing while I was making the meat mixture and then while it was baking. , Meat Pie With Phyllo Crust (Egyptian Goulash). Hungarian goulash is rich, comforting, and so easy to make from scratch! Start working on the meat filling. ★☆ Add minced meat, break into smaller sized pieces to stop meat clusters. On the day of the event, you simply have to assemble everything with your phyllo dough which should not take more than 10-15 minutes and then bake it. Take out of the pan and reserve. It's simple to make and can even be made ahead of time. Egyptian goulash is made using phyllo pastry and a ground beef and onion filling, seasoned with warm middle eastern spices. (Stop when the Loaded with melt-in-your-mouth tender beef and flavorful vegetables this slow-cooked stew is perfect for cold winter days and also known as German Goulash. Must try! Cover and bake in the oven for 1 hr 30 mins - 2 hrs. * used pink ▢ ▢ Add water and cook slowly for 1 hour. That makes me so happy! 1 small onion. After phyllo dough bakes, it crisps up, which will make cutting it impossible. If you want to save even more time, you can assemble it the whole pie a few days before but do not pour the milk/egg mixture on top. Grease a baking dish with butter, then lay two sheets of the phyllo dough on the baking dish then … ». The pan must be covered and simmered over low heat for one hour. Stir macaroni into the mixture, cover, and simmer over low heat until the pasta is tender, about 25 … Hi friend! Required fields are marked *, Rate this recipe Keywords: Egyptian Goulash, Meat Pie, Phyllo meat pie. You'll need to thaw it overnight in the fridge or for a few hours on your counter. Heat large stock pot over medium heat until hot. So, being somewhat of a chef, I created my own Vegan Hungarian goulash. The easiest way to describe it (according to my family) might be chili with pasta instead of beans, spaghetti with extra meat and not much sauce, or a homemade Hamburger Helper. Hope you enjoy! Thanks for the feedback Fatimah! ★☆ HOT GYPSY GOULASH Brown meat and onion in shortening. This recipe is very forgiving as well, so if you're dough sheets tare, no need to worry! This traditional ground beef goulash recipe from Paula Deen is an easy to make main dish. ★☆ I also love that you have it served with a fresh salad, perfect. Stir until mixed. Ingredients include ground beef, elbow macaroni and fire roasted tomatoes. “Goulash” comes from the Hungarian word “ gulyás ” which means “herdsman.”. Here's what you'll need to do: Phyllo pastry may be intimidating to some people, but I find it's quite easy to work with. The Egyptian goulash ends up being so crispy on the outside with a delicious meat filling. Thanks so much for your trust in my recipes LindaLee! Amercian Goulash is a delicious and easy one pot dinner recipe that combines ground beef with elbow macaroni, peppers, onions, tomatoes and tons of flavor!. Copyright © 2020 Hungry Paprikas on the Seasoned Pro Theme, Melt the butter and mix with the olive oil, Roughly cut the phyllo dough to fit your pan size, Repeat the same steps with the top of the pie, Whisk together the milk, egg and salt/pepper, « Shawarma Rice with White Sauce (in one pot), Date Cake with Walnuts and a butter glaze (easy!) Here I've used 20 sheets in total, so if your pack has less than that, you need to use two. Modified: Nov 13, 2020 by Amina. Grease a baking dish with butter, then lay two sheets of the phyllo dough on the baking dish then brush the top sheet with melted butter. Whisk the milk, eggs, salt and pepper then set aside. Will definitely be a repeater! Recipe by Amira's Pantry. Season beef with salt and pepper. www.cairocooking.com/md_recipe/meat-goulash-egyptian-meat-pie Bring the Hungarian goulash to a boil, then reduce the heat, cover it, and simmer it for about an hour and a half (this is where it starts to smell like heaven throughout your house). An easy dinner or holiday dish with a big wow factor! Serve the … I already know I’m going to love this recipe. The final product looks so impressive but it's actually so easy to make! I had never used phyllo dough before, but it was super easy. Your email address will not be published. It was delectable!! Love that you tried a new recipe. Tips and step-by-step instructions included. I'm so glad it worked out for you LindaLee! The ingredients needed for this phyllo meat pie are so simple. 1/4 teaspoon ground cinnamon. The answer is yes! So, today (13 November) I finally made this! Although thousands of recipes share similar flavors, most recipes contain meat and cheese. In a pot, add the meat, minced onion and some water over a medium to high heat. Thanks in advance, Amina. . ... before serving. You can substitute the Quorn™ for tofu that's been shallow fried or sliced mushrooms. Add garlic, uncooked elbow macaroni, water, stewed tomatoes, tomato sauce, sugar and Italian seasoning to the skillet with the ground beef.
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