In Greece, two weeks after the fire in Moria camp in Lesbos, this time the Vathy refugee camp on the island of Samos was hit by flames last night, soon after clashes erupted between migrants. Photos captured by Médecins Sans Frontières show burnt-out makeshift shelters at the Vathy refugee camp on Samos in Greece after a fire tore through the camp on Monday October 14, 2019. A French lawyer who visited the Samos refugee camp herself confirmed these testimonies and documented the situation with images. Refugee camp on Samos (photo Greg Mills) The popular tourist island of Kos some 200km to Samos’s south, became the defining image of the crisis when the body of … SAMOS, Greece — On the slope of a hill on Samos, the Greek island known for its ancient ruins, colorful fishing villages and sweet muscat wine, sits a crammed migrant camp … Firefighters try to extinguish a fire inside a refugee camp on the eastern Aegean island of Samos, Greece, Wednesday, Nov. 11, 2020. Each individual was only supposed to temporarily be on the island for a few weeks, a month – at most, while they received processing paperwork and identification before moving on to another European location. Samos refugee camp was initially set up as a temporary camp, designed to filter the refugees coming to Europe through Turkey. Located by the port of Vathy, on the Greek island of Samos, the migrant and refugee camp is intended to host 648 people. There are currently 4,600, according to Kathimerini, a Greek publication. ATHENS, Greece (AP) — A fire broke out in a refugee camp on the eastern Greek island of Samos on Wednesday, burning tents and some structures but causing no injuries. The largest refugee camp on Samos is situated on a disused military base perched in the pine forests above Vathy. Some four thousand people inhabit a … SAMOS, GREECE – For many of those who live on the Greek Aegean island of Samos it is absolutely clear — they want no more refugees, no new camps … The immediate response from the fire bridge, prevented the fire from spreading throughout the facility. The Samos camp, initially built for about 650 people, is unraveling under the weight of more than 5,700 asylum-seekers, according to the latest government data. LOUISA GOULIAMAKI / AFP. Dozens of accommodations were … Vathy refugee camp on the island of Samos in Greece (illustration). The fire department said the blaze, which broke out in the morning, was limited in … Three migrants were injured report the news agencies. A fire broke out in #Vathy camp, #Samos an hour ago leaving around 100 people without shelter. On Sunday afternoon, a fire broke out at the Vathy refugee camp, on the Greek island of Samos. The island’s refugee camp is located on the boundaries of the town of Vathy, ... not only on Samos but in each of the four other refugee hot spots on Lesvos, Chios, Kos and Chiros.
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