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Inventory: We source high volume items that are currently popular along with staple items like Cell Phone Accessories, Energy Shots, Relaxation (Kratom) Shots, Focus Shots, Male Enhancement products, etc.

Response Time: We are extremely nimble and have the ability to pivot to new items fast. We shipped Hand Sanitizers and Masks when nobody else had them.

Innovation: We led the launch of two disposable flavored vape lines that are now in thousands of convenience stores with sales still growing month over month.

Guaranteed: We GUARANTEE our product line. We have never had a retail partner in over 20 years of business lose money on any of our product lines. If a product doesn’t move, then we credit the merchandise and put a new product in that will move. (We are a partner not a vendor.)


Best-In-Class Service:

  • National Direct Ship Full Service Program

  • We have the capability to get sales data directly from stores in real time. Our customer service rep already knows what the store needs before they contact the store EVERY week. All orders ship the same day!

  • On-site visit to each store once a quarter

  • Our customer service reps contact EVERY STORE, EVERY WEEK to ensure that all products are in stock, handle any necessary returns, and to order new racks, if necessary

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